Third Law - The Movie (Trailer)

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Director - Naveed

Genre - Drama

Duration - 1 hour 49 minutes 36 seconds

Country - Canada

Language - English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : For 4 people, whose lives are intertwined, there is only 1 truth that separates them. Finding out what they secretly hide from one another is the only fear they have.For Adam, the only thing he holds dear to his heart is the love for his girlfriend Amy; as he battles through a deep depression.Marko, Adam’s best friend, looks to be accepted into corporate life and, in the process, find his place in society.Carter, a man who wants to be everyone’s friend, is in search for the one woman who can make his life complete; at the expense of everyone around him.Amy, Marko’s co-worker, is under constant pressure to hide her secret ways from Adam and in turn hide her inner most thoughts in both her professional and private life.For each of them, their personal desires are greater than the relationships they hold. In a climatic ending, where all hell breaks loose; their secret lives are unraveled and they are forced to face reality head on. The decisions each of them make directly impacts each other’s lives...resulting in everyone trying to attain what they ultimately desire.


Official Selection December 2018

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