Thuy Y (Trailer)

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Director - TerryH Nguyen

Genre - Documentary, Trailer

Duration - 34 minutes 32 seconds

Country - Viet Nam

Language - Vietnamese

Year - 2021

SYNOPSIS : Through intimate conversations between Trinh, the director, and her grandmother, a poet who goes by the pseudonym Ly Thuy Y, this documentary portrays the life journey of Thuy Y. There was glory, but there was also tragedy. Thuy Y is a talented poet, yet tortured by her own poems. She was a successful journalist who dared to speak out, which sent her to jail and her family to trouble. She seems to have a fulfilled life surrounded by family and friends, but hardly anyone knows she has once had a near-death experience, and that she is still suffering a secret grief at the death of two loved ones. She was brought down, but she chose to fight the battle with fate. Her weapon? Poetry.


Official Selection July 2021