TRANCE (Trailer)

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Director - Gnanadas Kasinathar​

Genre - Short, Drama

Duration - 20 minutes

Country - ​​Sri Lanka

Language - Tamil

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : in the post war situation of Sri Lanka, Kokila, a religious Hindu woman in her early fifties, suffers from Bipolar as she cannot come to terms with the absence of her son. As rationality cannot convince her to cope with the loss, and as she shuns the love of her husband and daughter, the two take her to a Shaman through which the Goddess Kali speaks, and she receives good news. Not long after, two CID agents come to their farmhouse, claiming to have been sent by the missing son, Athi. Kokila’s family is excited. They give them gifts and money to give their son. As they visit again and again Kokila’s state of mind progressively heals, but her daughter grows suspicious of the truthfulness of the affair.


2nd Best Film October 2017

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