Traveling Salesman

Director - Tim Ross

Genre - Short,Suspense, horror,

Duration - 12 minutes 47 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : Tim Tucker is a traveling salesman returning to Pennsylvania from Florida when his car breaks down in Concord, NC one hot summer evening. A massive thunderstorm looms above him and he has two choices, stay in the car all night or walk half a mile to a farmhouse and rely on the mercy of strangers. He chooses the house, and when he gets there a young, sexy farmers daughter, Elsa, allows him in for the night. Elsa seduces Tim, but while his temperature begins to rise, the tea Elsa gave him to drink knocks Tim unconscious. Tim wakes up in a dark room somewhere inside the home and when he does all Hell breaks loose. He must survive the night in a house of pure lunacy to live another day and see home again. Is this the end of the traveling salesman, or was it all just his imagination?


Official Selection April 2018

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