Unfathomable Reality

Director - Sneha Shrotri

Genre - Documentary, Student, Feature Films

Duration - 38 minutes 26 seconds

Country - United States

Language -English, Hindi, Marathi

Year - 2016

SYNOPSIS : Unfathomable reality is a reality documentary on the lives of children in one of the oldest and richest democratic countries in the world - India. The director, a 15 year old girl, has boldly shown reality that is a norm and not an exception to millions of lives in the country. Although child abuse has various situations, the director has carefully chosen every scenario, every situation and every case that impacts the lives of millions daily. The documentary focuses on the struggle faced not just by millions of children abused from their birth but also focuses on the handful of unsung heroes who have focused their own lives in trying to protect and give hope to these children.


Official Selection February 2016

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