Valiyor Silar (Trailer)

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Director - Naveen

Genre -

Duration - 1 hour 23 minutes 33 seconds

Country - India

Language - Tamil

Year - 2021

SYNOPSIS : This story is about a struggle between a cop and a youngster. When the hero brings money for his family need, he was stopped by the cop, the cop enquired about the baggage with him and the cop got the baggage with the money. The cop asks the hero to get the baggage the next day at the police station after submitting the documents.

Next day, when the hero arrives at the police station, he finds only half of the money in the bag. There begins the fight between the cop and the hero. So, the hero plans in his own way to get the money back from the cop.

In the middle of the play, the story meets many twists and turns with emotional factors.


Official Selection July 2021