Vienna table trip (Trailer)

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Director - Virgil Widrich

Genre - short, animation, tourism, advertising, spot, city marketing

Duration - 1 minute 22 seconds

Country - ​Austria

Language - English

Year - 2016

SYNOPSIS : An animated whirlwind cinematic tour through Vienna, staged with cups, saucers, plates, knives, forks, local specialties and products interspersed with different dimensions of Vienna’s contemporary urban life. Using stop-motion animation, Virgil Widrich’s team made 55,000 photos over five days to produce 2.7 terabytes of data. „We would have had enough material in the end to produce a 38-minute film taking a playing speed of 24 images per second,“ he says. It took weeks of work to compress the message into the film’s present length. You do not need to leave a Viennese coffee table to travel through the whole city!


Best Special Mention October 2016

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