Waking a Monster (Trailer)

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Director - Mirjam Clement

Genre - documentary, metafilm portrayal, narrative film

Duration - 20 minutes

Country - ​​United States

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : Saved by monsters ! The Academy Awards® winning special-efx makeup artist Howard Berger turns into a puppet in Mirjam`s first film. “Waking a Monster” is a personal reflection of the early years in a man`s life, visualized by his wife. Told in his own words, we are entering the mind of someone´s lifelong fascination for the classic movie monsters and the incidents in life that defined, inspired and shaped him. “Waking a Monster” combines a variation of genres in its expression. Containing elements from fiction-film, documentary and with a meta aspect this film unfolds with mixed media techniques from traditional puppeteering to animated illustrations.


Official Selection August 2017

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