Who are you?

Director - Pamela Siclari

Genre -

Duration - 14 minutes 50 seconds

Country - Italy

Language - Italian

Year - 2021

SYNOPSIS : Two orphaned brothers, Leonardo aged 26 and Alba aged 22, live together and take care of each other. Leonardo, possessive and overprotective, overburdened with responsibilities, works tirelessly to pay off debts and guarantee a suitable lifestyle to his sister. Alba, a beautiful girl with a kind soul, manages to get a job as a model to help her brother economically. 
Her employer is a photographer, Ennio Strada, a smart and extremely slimy guy. Leonardo is categorical: Alba must not work.

Following a heated argument, Leonardo rapes Alba.

Alba is found unconscious on the street and is taken to the hospital. After hearing the news, Leonardo shifts his blame onto Ennio Strada and ends up kidnapping him and locking him up into a basement. Leonardo gets panicked, so he retraces his steps and frees the photographer, who tries to attack him. Leonardo, projecting his conscience onto Ennio Strada, kills the latter. Leonardo returns to the hospital and reassures Alba: “Everything will be fine”.


Official Selection March 2021