Will to Live (Trailer)

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Director - Anthony Krus

Genre - Drama, Sci-fi

Duration - 9 minutes 46 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : After attempting to take his own life, William Emerson awakens in a strange room - a world between worlds. An unfamiliar figure, Gray, is awaiting his arrival and immediately begins prodding him with questions. Eventually, Gray produces a contract, but warns that after Will signs it, his death will be official and irreversible. A flood of conflicting emotions fill Will, but he knows he has already made his choice. As Will slowly resigns himself to his fate, Gray exits the room - but not before stating that Will's son would like to speak to him before he signs. The only problem is...Will does not have a son.Director Biography - Anthony Krus


Official Selection August 2020

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