Director - Alessandra Guarino

Genre - Romance, Mistery, Dance

Duration - 8 minutes

Country - Italy​

Language -

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : I only wanted to make a short video with a music, the Valzer that I composed when I was 17. I only wanted to have an opportunity to dance with the vaporous dress that I designed to dance that Valzer when I was 17 (that unbelievably still fits me). I wanted to honor our old detuned family piano, that was bought (used) around 1890 and has been touched by generations of hands. But from that old piano came out an hidden story, that developed by itself while I was filming and even while I was editing the video. I don't know yet if it was an ancient memory, a dream, a dream into a dream, a desire... ghosts...


Official Selection December 2017

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