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Director - Dr Ramesh Kamath


Genre - 

Duration - 1 hour 17 minutes 27 seconds

Country - India

Language - Hindi

Year - 2019



SYNOPSIS : Konkani Film "Apsara Dhara " is a story of a poor Boy called RAMA. Story takes place in a poverty riden poor village of India.Rama’s Father SIDDA wants his son should become Educated person. But after seeing the atrocities of society RAMA thinks MONEY is everything . He has one sister LACHMI. Rama’s father never wants to sent to her school thinking Education is useless for Female Children. Lachmi dream is to go to Egypt. Rama promises her to take her to Egypt , If he makes lot of Money.Rama’s Father dies. Now story turns into a FAIRY TALE. He makes lot money by the grace of a FAIRY . But the money instead of bringing Happiness brings lot of troubles. Finally he realises that MONEY CANNOT BRING ANY HAPPINESS TO ANYONE. Finaly Fairy make him to realise that EDUCATION is more important than MONEY. At the end RAMA will become an enlightened soul by understanding the IMPORTANCE of EDUCATION for both BOYS and GIRLS.



Official Selection December 2019

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