All those little things


Director - Wolfgang Eisler


Genre - Music Videos

Duration - 4 minutes 54 seconds

Country - Austria

Language - English

Year - 2016



SYNOPSIS : This song is about an old man serenading his wife on her deathbed with lyrics looking back on their collective life. „We gather all those little things, Everything a lifetime brings, I always cast an eye at you, I carry the light, my whole life long.“ Austrian Artist Georg Kuttelwascher and "Prime Time Killer" Wolfgang Eisler shooted a tiny film, in which he shows the sobriety of fast pace on the one hand and perverts the meaning of epitaphs by composing life-affirming embassies on the other hand. So everything will be all right in the end: „I pray to god that maybe he blows up my mind, our tape of memories I play and I rewind.“



Official Selection March 2016

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