Better Half


Director - Christian Szczepanski


Genre - Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance

Duration - 17 minutes 51 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2018



SYNOPSIS : Maggie, attempting to remove her negative thoughts through a treatment at the Eleutheria clinic, only manages to relive the trauma and races out of the building. Venting to her friend, she meets a girl, Ami, that she had been social media stalking, and they quickly bond. However, a premature expression of love causes a falling out, and, devastated, Maggie tries to drown out the pain at a party. There, she receives a call from the clinic that causes her to understand everything that had happened and move on stronger than before.



Official Selection August 2018

TOP 10 of Week (8th Rank) of 33rd Week 

TOP 10 of Week (6th Rank) of 34th Week 

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