Dancing with Monica (Trailer)

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Director - Anja Dalhoff


Genre - Social

Duration - 1 hour 14 minutes 14 seconds

Country - Denmark

Language - Spanish

Year - 2019



SYNOPSIS : In 2010, director Anja Dalhoff met Monica, a Colombian prostitute in Copenhagen. Monica’s life has been one of hardship. Raped and abused a child, then trafficked to Spain, Japan, and Denmark to work as a prostitute, she had managed to escape the brothel where she had been beaten and held against her will. Throughout all her tribulations, Monica was armed with a camera, and documented her everyday life for 25 years. Dancing with Monica beautifully weaves Monica’s own footage into her ongoing story – a story of hope, despair, and redemption.



Best Feature Film - September 2019

TOP 10 of Week (8th Rank) of 37th Week of 2019

TOP 10 of Week (6th Rank) of 38th Week of 2019

TOP 10 of Week (4th Rank) of 39th Week of 2019

TOP 10 of Week (8th Rank) of 40th Week of 2019

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