Morgan (Trailer)

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Director - Alexander Kohn


Genre - 

Duration - 4 minutes 47 seconds

Country - Germany

Language - English

Year - 2020



SYNOPSIS : "What are we doing here if you don't care about me?"We are our harshest critics, but we let others get away with things we would have blamed ourselves for long ago. We'd rather keep our mouths shut than take the risk of being rejected.Why are we judging ourselves so intensely? How do we make the way from self-pity, selfishness and self-destruction to a self-confidence that faces us with unconditional love?The short film "Morgan" shows an insight into the life of a young woman who is dissatisfied with her life and with herself.In a bar she meets "B", who takes care of Morgan's questions - but not as Morgan might have wished.



Official Selection February 2020

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