Red Blanket (Trailer)

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Director - Erol Çelik


Genre - Drama, crime

Duration - 19 minutes 55 seconds

Country - Turkey

Language - Turkish

Year - 2019



SYNOPSIS : This movie tells a story about how an old man's pure, dark and an uncharted loneliness damages his poor mind. A man with a whole life watching his son to turn back. You will be witnesses of a familiar taste of a loss between the reality and the world of dreams. One day, you will understand who is your real friend. One day, if the man your watching is not back in fact. And one day you will understand that all this waiting is for nothing. Grandpa Nazım's life was lightened with his son's return but not only spin on his wheels to persuade his neighbour as his son's return also has to be finished awkward.



Official Selection March 2019

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