The Unsent Letter

Password : theunsentletter


Director - Mushfica Masud


Genre - Drama, experimental, memoir

Duration - 10 minutes 39 seconds

Country - India

Language - Bengali, English

Year - 2019



SYNOPSIS : The film is about a girl named Tua, in her early thirty's, of Bengali origin. She was raised by her grandmother. Since the age of five, she has been staying abroad with her parents. After so many years, she comes back to her ancestral home in Kolkata, learning her Thhamma (grandmother) 's demise.The story revolves around her. She explores the house from one corner to the other and frantically searches for her precious memories. Though faded, she finds some relics of the past. Through this unsent letter, she grasps at these fleeting memories until they become indelibly etched upon her consciousness. Tua slowly discovers herself in one with her last attachment, her Thhamma (grandmother).



Best Screenwriter - December 2019

TOP 10 of Week (9th Rank) of 52nd Week of 2019

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