ZERO, THE SERIES - "New Life" - S1E1 (Trailer)

Only Trailer Available

Director - Riccardo Badolato


Genre - horror

Duration - 18 minutes 13 seconds

Country - Italy

Language - Italian

Year - 2017



SYNOPSIS : Jonathan Erri "Jon" (Alessio Fracchia) is a doctor and gets a call from the parents of a seriously ill child, who ask his help for an urgent visit to his daughter. Jon will encounter a series of events that will catapult himself into an apocalyptic world where the dead awaken and attack the living, whose presence is always less. Along with other survivors and his family will have to find the strength to survive, but in addition to the undead, the dangers seem not to end. ..A virus or something much worse has caused the epidemic?...



Official Selection May 2017

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